Stand Out For Inclusion

We strive to provide inclusive recreational programs for people with cognitive, physical, and sensory disabilities to expand their access to opportunities that promote health, wellness and greater functional independence. We do this by developing, delivering and evaluating innovative barrier-free programs in which both people with disabilities and their non-disabled peers may participate, collaborate and recreate.

What does inclusive mean? Inclusive means welcoming anyone and everyone to an open atmosphere. No matter of your visible or invisible disabilities.

What is the inclusive program? The Inclusive program is a series of events to give abled and disabled bodies a chance to participate in sporting events. It’s to “level the playing field” in order to gain an understanding and to gain a different perspective on how disabilities are perceived.

What does V.I.P stand for? Here at the SRWC, V.I.P stands for Very Inclusive Person. To be a V.I.P, you have participated in at least a certain amount of Inclusive events throughout the semester.

Will I offend anybody by participating? No, the SRWC is a welcoming facility. This program is here for abled and disabled bodies to participate in a safe environment. By participating, it helps you get a perspective of what it feels like to have a disability. It’s not easy, but by understanding, it can change your mind.

When are events held? Events are held on September 4th; October 2nd and 25th; November 6th and14th. All times are from 5pm-7pm.

How do I participate? You can participate by joining us on the court on the dates mentioned above!

How long do I have to participate for?
You can participate for any amount of time, it is totally up to you!

What events are held? There are a variety of events held here. The majority are wheelchair sports: wheelchair basketball, wheelchair badminton, and wheelchair soccer. There are also visually impaired events: dark climbing and goal ball. There are also special events: obstacle courses, blind luck, 3v3 wheelchair tournaments, love your body week, etc.

We are very open to suggestions of events or improvements, never hesitate to ask or to put in your word.



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