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Have any thoughts about SRWC programs? Now is your chance to voice them!

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New to the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) or looking to step up your involvement? Here are some things you need to know about being a member at the SRWC.

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CSULB was recently recognized as a winner of the 2016 Active Minds Healthy Campus Award, ranked as one of the healthiest college campuses in the nation. This award celebrates campuses that provide access to quality healthcare and a comprehensive approach to promoting student health—which the SRWC plays a pivotal role in.

Owen’s Condition for Tuition Winner banner

Out of the close to thousand students that participated in Owen’s Condition for Tuition this past year, graduate student Ryan Sueme took home the grand prize of free tuition!

The SRWC’s New Geofilter Banner

Want to post your workouts and fitness routines on snapchat while at the gym? Make sure to use the new SRWC Geofilter to show where you’re at!

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Although the school year is ending, your workouts don’t have to—the SRWC offers summer memberships each year for you and your friends! A full CSULB student summer membership started at just $94 and is prorated down each day since the end of the semester.

SRWC Summer Memberships Banner

The academic year is ending, but your workouts don’t have to! The SRWC offers summer memberships for CSULB students and their friends!

Meet The Director: Farron Fowler banner

Associated Students, Inc. is proud to announce Farron Fowler as the new associate director for the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC). In this role, Fowler will oversee all facility operations and programming, support SRWC staff in following correct protocols and procedures, and uphold ASI’s commitment to diversity by encouraging unique and inclusive programming.

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The SRWC prides itself in being a place where the entire CSULB community can come to enhance their health and well being and participate in diverse, engaging and innovative programs. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our ‘Rules for a Successful SRWC Experience,’ to ensure that all members can continue to have an uplifting experience at the SRWC!

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Decades of research have shown that smoking negatively effects the body, but with little to no data, it’s not yet clear if e-cigarettes are harmful to the lungs and body.

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The ASI-run Student Recreation and Wellness Center had its grand opening on September 20, 2010. In its five years since opening, the SRWC has been home to many great instructors, but the six spotlighted have been here since the start.

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