Weekly Events

Semester Dates: August 17 – December 22

Elevate your campus experience by developing a regular wellness practice with ASI's Beach Balance. Explore a world of holistic well-being through our FREE weekly programs. You can find these nourishing services at the SRWC Beach Balance location during their hours of operation throughout the academic semester. These programs are designed to enhance your well-being and cater to your mind, body and spirit.

See below for our scheduled Weekly Wellness Programs activities:

Weekly Programs

Meal Prep Monday

Learn all about mindfulness as you put it into practice.

Tasty Tuesdays

Stop by for fruit-infused water and refreshments while supplies last. Help us stay eco-friendly when you bring your reusable water bottle.

Wind Down Wednesdays

Enjoy a midweek reset as you relax in one of our hammocks with calming music and aromatherapy.

Thankful Thursdays

Take time for thoughtful reflection and learn how you can grow in your gratitude.

Fun Fridays

End your week on a high note by joining us to unwind and alleviate stress through enjoyable activities, including games and more. Experience something fresh and entertaining every week.

Please note that certain weekly programs may not be available during holiday breaks. For additional details, please visit asirecreation.org/beach-balance.

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