Fitness Appointments

There are two complimentary Fitness Appointments that Personal Trainers will provide SRWC members. As described in detail below, they include the Fitness Assessment and Fitness Orientation.

Fitness Appointment #1: Fitness Assessment

Personal Trainers will carry out a one hour, Fitness Assessment which includes a full health and lifestyle assessment with the member one-on-one.

  1. During this one hour session, the trainer will test body composition, cardiovascular endurance, and strength levels.
  2. Then, the trainer will input the member's current body age, body mass index, body fat, strength and flexibility ranking and VO2max, as well as much more in the Polar Body Age Personal Profile. At the end of the session, the member will be presented with an eight-page detailed report on their health and fitness results. The Body Age report will tell how old the member’s body is and how young their body really can be based on all of the results from the assessment.

Fitness Appointment #2: Fitness Orientation

  1. After reviewing the results from the Fitness Assessment, the trainer will offer a custom made workout. This one hour session will bring the member into the weight room and introduce them to approximately six exercises varying in intensity, depending on the member’s level of fitness.
  2. This workout will give the member an idea of how to help them achieve their fitness goals and what a personal training session would be like if they were to buy sessions.

Please visit the fitness desk to schedule your fitness assessment. We recommend scheduling your appointments with the same trainer, but it is not required.

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