Spring 2024 CALENDAR

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Feb. 9 6:00pm Esport Lounge (USU) 2/9
Tekken 8 Feb. 23 6:00pm Esport Lounge (USU) 2/23
Overwatch 2* Mar 22 6:00pm Esport Lounge (USU) 3/15
Call of Duty: MWIII* Apr. 19 6:00pm Esport Lounge (USU) 4/12
Valorant* May 10 6:00pm Esport Lounge (USU) 5/3

*Registration closes 30 minutes before tournament is scheduled to begin. Time and location of tournaments are subject to change, be sure to check IMLeagues for up to date information. Sign up at Be sure to join our Discord for all additional tournament information (brackets, rule sets, ETC). “*” Online qualifiers prior.

Intramural Tournament Series DATE TIME LOCATION REGISTER BY
Pickleball (Doubles) Sept 10 6:00pm MAC Gym 9/10
Badminton (Doubles) Sept 19 6:00pm Main Gym Court A 9/19
Home Run Derby Oct 3 6:00pm Softball Field 10/3
Sand Volleyball Oct 17 6:00pm SRWC Sand Volleyball Court 10/17
Ping Pong Nov 7 6:00pm Main Gym Court A 11/7
3 Point Shootout Nov 12 6:00pm Main Gym Court C 11/12
Soccer Tennis Dec 6 6:00pm MAC Gym 12/6

All registration will open on Monday, August 26 at 8 a.m.

Intramural Tournaments: All participants can sign up at

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