About Inclusive

As part of ASI’s mission to strengthen and inspire the entire campus community, we are proud to offer a facility and programs that are accessible for all abilities. We strive to provide inclusive recreational programs for people with cognitive, physical, and sensory disabilities to expand their access to opportunities that promote health, wellness and greater functional independence. We do this by developing, delivering and evaluating innovative barrier-free programs in which both people with disabilities and their non-disabled peers may participate, collaborate and recreate.

The SRWC aims to provide an inclusive atmosphere to those with both visible and invisible disabilities. It is our goal to promote health and wellness for the entire campus community, and we believe that providing an inclusive atmosphere is all of our responsibility. We work hard to ensure that all students feel welcome to participate and that reasonable accommodations will be made for the comfort and wellbeing of all students wishing to utilize the SRWC. Students with temporary or permanent disabilities are welcome to call or visit ahead for accommodations in group fitness, or utilize adaptive equipment already provided, such as Hand cycles during existing Spin class and the wheelchair lift for any Aquatics program.

For more information or to request accommodation in fitness classes, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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