Personal Training

The Personal Training Program has been designed to provide each client with a positive experience while assisting with their personal fitness goals. Our trainers are certified through reputable, national organizations, and are experienced in developing personal programs designed to achieve your health and fitness goals.

* * All Student Prices Have Been Discounted

2 Buddy Training (Students / Non-Students)

  • 1 Session: $46 / $61
  • 3 Sessions: $132 / $167 New !
  • 5 Sessions: $215 / $268
  • 10 Sessions: $410 / $510

One-on-One Training (Students / Non-Students)

  • 1 Session: $36 / $51
  • 3 Session: $102 / $137 New !
  • 5 Sessions: $165 / $218
  • 10 Sessions $310 / $410

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Testimonials

 Personal Trainer Testimonial 

"I have had great experiences with several trainers at this gym and others. I feel that somewhat qualifies me to say that Stephen Graham is the best of the best. He is passionate. He genuinely enjoys helping others and has your best interest in mind. He listens to your personal health and fitness concerns and responds with a personalized program that is organized, sets high yet reasonable expectations, and is extremely motivating and fun. He is always prepared for every workout and has a long term personal fitness plan in place. Each workout has a fresh new twist and I look forward to every session. While I exercise, he watches closely and concentrates on my technique. He knows when to push me to exceed my own expectations and he knows when to pull back. I always feel a great sense of accomplishment after every workout.
On rare occasions when I feel a bit discouraged, Stephen is able to put a positive spin on things and I leave the gym feeling much better than when I came. I sometimes have questions about nutrition, supplements, Fit Bits etc., and he sends me current resources including his own website to help me become more educated. He will share new and current information with me during a workout session. He has great communication skills, a strong work ethic, is reliable, flexible, and kind. He is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. He continues to educate himself and knows how to motivate others to improve themselves. Having a personal trainer is an expense and it is important to choose wisely."
-Karyn H. 

Personal Trainer Testimonial

"Jen is a very knowledgeable and caring trainer. She goes above and beyond to ensure that I am getting a complete workout, together with recommendations on what to work on and how to exercise on the days I don’t see her. Jen designs interesting and fun exercises and makes the hour go by really quickly as I am constantly engaged in the exercise. She motivates me to push myself and create an overall healthy lifestyle. I have gotten so much stronger and more active since I started training with Jen."
-Ellie C. 

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