Accessible Building Features

Inclusive Sports Expo

Date: Oct. 7

Time: 5 - 7 PM

Location: Main Gym

Dark Climb

Date: Oct. 14 & Nov. 18

Time: 6 - 8 PM

Location: Rock Wall

Sit-down Volleyball

Date: Oct. 21

Time: 5 - 7 PM

Location: MAC Gym

Inclusive events are FREE to SRWC members. Prizes will be awarded to winners!

A full week of activities dedicated to body positivity and self-affirmation.

Date Events Time
Monday, April 12 Mindful Meditation 4 PM
Posture Correction and Massage Techniques: Zero BS (Body Shaming) 5:30 PM
Tuesday, April 13 Finding Freedom Beyond Fitness
with Chrissy King

Join us as Chrissy King dives Into her journey in the fitness industry and explains the meaning of "body liberation"
6 PM
Wednesday, April 14 Mega Sweat Sesh 6 PM
Thursday, April 15 Wellness Workshop: Beyond Our Bodies 4 PM

Use #LYBW throughout the week to share how awesome you are, and attend daily for a chance to win prizes! For more information, visit

Most people will tell you not to walk blindly into a situation, but we’re telling you that you totally should!
Try your luck at our Blind Luck event where we will host different trick challenges without sight for a chance to win an inclusive recreation prize pack.

  • When: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: Main Gym A


Come Love Your Body and enjoy row races, dunk tank, wc baketball hoop
Tea, Popcorn, Free Tacos, tabling, kind bars, Children center notes


  • Program:Meditation from 5p-6p
  • Program:Blind Yoga from 5:30p-6:30p
  • Program:Aromatherapy from 6p-7p

  • Tuesday

  • Program:Art Therapy from 10a-8p
  • Program:Spa Water from 10a-8p
  • Program:Dog Therapy from 4p-6p
  • Program:Blind Yoga from 12:15p-1:15p

  • Wednesday

  • Program:Well Rested Wednesday from 10a-8p
  • Program:Food for Thought from 4p-6p
  • Program:Outdoor Yoga from 5p-6p
  • Program:Blind Yoga from 8p-9p

  • Thursday

  • Program:Chair Massage Wednesday from 4p-6p
  • Program:Blind Yoga from 12:15p-1:15p
  • Program:Dark Climbing from 5p-8p

Fulfilling its commitment to student wellness, the SRWC is partnering with a number of on-campus organizations to take an important step with “Love Your Body Week,” a week of events from Oct. 22 designed to help body promotion, image and health.

For more info, visit


Come innertube at the SRWC pool inclusive style!

Innertubes are availible to use as you race, lounge, or play basketball with your friends.

Date: Every Friday
Where: Aquatics Center
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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