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If you prefer to work out at the gym alone with your headphones on, blocking out the rest of the world, we get you. However, if you’ve ever felt like there’s something missing during your gym sessions, don’t give up on your fitness goals just yet. It’s possible that all you need is a workout buddy! Having a partner who shares your fitness objectives can be immensely helpful in terms of accountability, motivation, technique and overall comfort at the gym.

Partnering up with someone reliable can significantly increase your accountability and help you maintain a consistent workout routine. By motivating each other, you can push yourselves to give each workout your best effort all the while creating a fun and friendly atmosphere of competition.

Furthermore, if you feel intimidated by the gym environment, having a buddy by your side can help you feel more comfortable trying new exercises. Working out with a friend provides numerous benefits that can improve your overall mental health and mood such as checking each other’s form, cheering each other on throughout sets, sharing positive social engagement, spotting one another to ensure safety and alternating equipment for built-in rest – especially if you’re weight training! Conversely, if you prefer long bouts of cardio, having a friend to talk to can help keep you both entertained as you exchange tips and tricks and discuss new exercises to try together or alone.

As a bonus, you and your workout buddy can carpool to the gym to save on gas and parking – I think we all can relate to the struggle of parking on campus. Overall having a workout partner is a win-win situation that provides an array of benefits for both your physical and mental health.

Have we got you convinced yet? You down but don’t know where to look? Here’s some tips and tricks to find you the Best Workout Buddy:

The Best Workout Buddy For You Will...

  • Share similar health and wellness goals
  • Like (or dislike) the same types of exercise
  • Have the same level of commitment
  • Have compatible schedules
  • Lift around the same amount of weight (save time racking between sets; ability to spot)
  • Can communicate well with one another

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