Rec Report

ask an assistant poster

Written by Cecilia Guerrero

Illustration by Maximiliano Mauricio

Navigating health and wellness practices at home can be confusing. Maybe you’ve plateaued in your fitness routine and don’t know how to make things harder, or maybe you’re confused about the pros and cons of common fad-diets. Having these questions but no one to ask can be frustrating - that’s why we’ve started the “Ask an Assistant” program!

Our fitness and wellness staff are certified through reputable national organizations, and many are pursuing degrees in their respective fields. They’re passionate about health and wellness and are willing to share their knowledge with you! Use the form attached here to ask your fitness, nutrition, or wellness questions.

The form is anonymous and should take no more than three minutes to complete. As soon as you submit your question, a staff member will start answering it. Questions can range from, “how can I perfect my push-up?” to, “any suggestions on tasty tofu recipes?”

Each month a few questions will be chosen to be featured in the Rec Report. Go to today to check out “Ask an Assistant” and learn about more online programs offered at the Student Rec & Wellness Center.

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