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Leave No Trace, or LNT, is an organization that brings awareness to what we can do every day to preserve the beauty of the outdoors. Leave No Trace strives to keep human traces from polluting any trails and natural areas. Just like how we try to keep our city clean of graffiti and trash on the street, Leave No Trace has seven principles to keep any human impact out of our natural areas:

  1. Plan and Prepare: Know the hazards and weather conditions.
  2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces: Stick to designated paths and don’t damage young plants.
  3. Dispose of Waste Properly: Carry out your garbage or find a trashcan.
  4. Leave What You Find: Don’t take or destroy unique landmarks or areas.
  5. Minimize Campfire Impacts: Campfires can leave burn marks or even start wildfires.
  6. Respect Wildlife: Many animals are dangerous, but you may be dangerous to them too!
  7. Be Considerate of Others: A good rule for any interaction.

While a walk around your neighborhood park or to the store doesn’t require the same planning or initiative as traveling and camping on durable surfaces, disposing of waste properly and respecting wildlife can keep our neighborhoods clean. Learn more on the LNT website and we hope to see you in the great outdoors, leaving no trace!

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