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Sweating with a bunch of random people in a group fitness class may not be your cup of tea, but research shows that it actually may have significant benefits versus working out solo! Here are five reasons why you might want to choose a group fitness class over solitary exercise:

  1. Motivation and Inspiration!
  2. Working out with others allows you to learn from those around you, while also pushing each other. For some, working with others can be intimidating, especially if you notice your fitness statuses vary. However, everyone was a beginner at some point! When you learn to transform intimidation into motivation, it will be easier to simultaneously inspire yourself and become inspired by everyone around you.

  3. Injury Prevention!
  4. Trainers are one of the most valuable parts of any group exercise class. In group fitness, you have the unique benefit of utilizing professionals to show you how to exert each movement with the proper technique. Being in the care of a licensed professional will allow you to not only exceed in your fitness journey, but it ultimately prevents injury while gaining all the benefits.

  5. Community Building!
  6. When you exercise with others, you’ll eventually find support and guidance from people who are on the same journey as you. Whether that journey is to better your health and wellness or improve your strength and endurance, there will always be someone who has your back.

  7. Variety!
  8. Adding variety to your workout is one of the best ways to prevent your workouts getting stagnant and disinteresting, eventually reaching a fitness plateau. When you work with a variety of trainers, you’ll discover an assortment of teaching styles; each class provides you with different and unique fitness approaches.

  9. Accountability!
  10. We all know the hardest part about working out is getting to the gym. Most group exercise classes require that you book your spot in advance, ensuring your presence in the class. Once you commit, find yourself a fitness partner and promise to hold each other accountable. This will likely encourage you to stick to your fitness journey goals.

Lucky for all Long Beach State University (LBSU) students, the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) offers a variety of FREE drop-in fitness classes throughout the day! You can work out with other students and members while having fun as you meet your fitness goals. Instructional classes are also offered for a nominal fee that is hard to find elsewhere. Due to the nature of these classes, you can experience a more personalized work out while being taught by licensed professionals.

Interested? Make sure to check out the SRWC group fitness class schedule on the SRWC GO app or on the website at asirecreation.org/calendar.

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