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You may have heard of self-affirmations, specifically positive affirmations, but what exactly are they and why do they matter? Positive self-affirmations are short phrases or mantras we repeat to ourselves that can aid in shifting your mindset in a postive direction, ultimately generating a beneficial way of thinking and outlook on life. This is extremely important, especially during situations that could potentially trigger high levels of stress which can negatively impact the body and its ability to function properly.

The mind and body are highly interconnected; how you think influences how your body feels. If your thoughts are negative, your body will have a similar reaction producing symptoms such as an increased heart rate or an upset stomach. However, the reverse is also true. When you have positive thoughts, muscles relax and the body returns to its natural homeostasis.

With this idea in mind, positive affirmations have tremendous benefits that greatly influence the body during stressfull, nerve-wrecking or difficult times. By utilizing this form of stress-relief, your mind and body will be at ease.

Several studies have shown that a brief positive self-affirmation at the beginning of a school day improves problem-solving skills and performance under stressful situations, such as taking an exam and overall academic performance.

Practicing positive self-affirmatoins can look different for each person. Some might repeat the phrase over and over throughout the day or when they start to experience self-doubt, while others prefer written affirmations hung around their room. Regardless of the practice itself, the phrase is the most important element – something that is meaningful to you. Some examples include, “I am strong”; “I am happy to be me”; “I trust myself”; and even “My goals are achievable.”2

To help you get started on your journey to positive thinking via self-affirmations, think of a life-giving phrase that puts you in positive mindframe and verbally repeat it, write it out or meditate on it in order to achieve a new outlook on life.


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