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benefits of using the srwc

The Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) is a sanctuary for many students who take advantage of our facilities. From top-of-the-line gym equipment to skilled massage therapists, there are many ways to receive the benefits of the SRWC and all it offers.

In addition to traditional gym equipment, the SRWC provides numerous fitness classes, personal training and other programs including Beach Balance and its wealth of educational resources. Through the SRWC, you can discover how regular exercise offers numerous physical health benefits by helping individuals manage their weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve overall cardiovascular health. The SRWC is the perfect place to experience the benefits exercising offers, such as reduced stress, anxiety and an increase in mood.

The SRWC also offers a welcoming social atmosphere. The SRWC cultivates a strong sense of community, which makes it especially beneficial for those with mental health challenges. And, by participating in SRWC activities, students have the opportunity to connect with others who share their fitness goals and establish meaningful friendships.

At the SRWC, we aim to accommodate a community of students who are highly motivated, determined and value their physical and mental well-being. We offer a range of recovery services, such as massage therapy, peer nutrition counseling, and psychological services, enabling you to achieve a deep sense of self-connection.

Furthermore, the SRWC offers a variety of exercise-related activities, including intramural leagues and tournaments for the competitive-minded. We value health and wellness and strive to encourage it in our students, which is why we offer the Owens Condition for Tuition program, giving students the opportunity to win a semester’s worth of free tuition.

As a hub for students, the SRWC is crucial in helping us receive the maximum benefits while on campus, which is why we offer a wide array of services and activities! Check out our website for more information at aisrecreation.org.

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