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Zen Meditation for the Mind and Body

As a biomedical engineering student, managing a school-work lifestyle can be challenging – which is why it’s important to take care of your mind and body outside of school and normal routines! Being mindful of your limits is essential to a healthy body. However, nowadays, many people tend to take on too much at once, leading to symptoms of burnout, depression or even anxiety. Although, having a positive mindset can help in avoiding the negative side effects of a busy lifestyle!

Engaging in activites like meditation has been proven to relax the body and ease the mind. Among various meditation practices, Zazen, or Zen, meditation stands out as an excellent way to clear the mind of negative thoughts and energy. Originating from Japan, this practice has become widely popular in modern culture due to its numerous positive benefits. From lasting improvements in mental health to the reduction of blood pressure, Zen meditation is a fantastic way to ease the body from stress.

But wait, meditating doesn’t have to be a solo activity! Another widely embraced form of meditation requires a group. Group meditation Group meditation has been adored for centuries for its communal and enriching experiences. It's a simple way to share the positive effects of mindfulness with others, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

As a student, the workload from classes can be overwhelming and it’s nice to sit down in a setting where you can just escape from the stress. So, if you’re looking for ways on campus for your own Zen, then you should join the SRWC (Student Recreation & Wellness Center) Beach Balance for Mindful Mondays where you can immerself yourself in Zen-like activities!

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